Welcome to Flamewrite Publishing, where you’ll find our exclusive, original published content, built entirely by a multicultural team of up and coming and award-winning creators. Featuring a diverse line of stories and characters that span across a universe of multiple genres. Flamewrite’s growing collection of exciting and distinguished titles promises to entertain and inspire worldwide audiences of all ages. We invite you on this epic journey of discovery through these untapped worlds as these stories spawn franchises which expand to include Film, TV, Games and more!


SHADOW SYNDICATE CHASIN FILE – Led by Colonel Chasin, a team of special ops soldiers are ordered to seize control of an underground city of ruins from a band of savage terrorists, a city said to hide long-lost powers derived from ancient Sumeria. But when the two forces unleash the long-buried secrets, they discover that divine power has a will of its own… and wielding is not a blessing but an eternal curse.


TOMMY & THE WITCH IN THE TREE, is an animated short about a boy with a magical imagination who faces his greatest fear: The shadowy witch who lives in the tree outside his window and creeps in through it at night to haunt him.

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