is an exciting new multi-platform, virtual and consumer goods entertainment company, poised to secure a solid place in the exciting, ever-growing feature live action and animated film, video game and virtual entertainment, comic book & publishing and merchandising marketplace with its own original content as well as its unique spin on finding and developing new emerging talent and showcasing the value for untapped rich portfolios of independent brands, stories and characters, in this lucrative creative space. Helping the creative world find new and exciting avenues of revenue.


Founder and CEO, Johnathan Naranjo, has held several senior level positions in the entertainment industry, developing new technology, fitness and entertainment ventures. He began his career in live event music production, working alongside the likes of Celia Cruz, Oscar D’ Leon, Marc Anthony and DLG to name a few. He then transitioned to feature film production, as the music and film industry have very similar production base life cycles, which already work collaboratively in delivering new and vibrant material to the global markets.


Johnathan’s multi-faceted background in the entertainment industry has amassed an exceptional team of seasoned professionals and has cultivated a diverse slate of projects as well as securing production, distribution, licensing and financing partnerships focused on today and strategically forecasting and developing and acquiring content that is both relevant and commercially viable tomorrow.
Johnathan is also the creator, writer and executive producer of a new Action, Sci-Fi, Supernatural Film Franchise Project, titled, “SHADOW SYNDICATE “GODS OF GOD” אֱלֹהֵינוּ ה’ אֶחָד. currently in development, which will include Live Action, Animation, Video Game Development with complementing Comic Book and Merchandising Lines.


Flamewrite Entertainment is a premiere studio for film, animation and gaming. From big-budget studio films to independent passion projects and more, we partner with world-class talent, using the latest techniques and technology to transform any vision into reality. Working closely with filmmakers, producers and storytellers of all kinds, our design-first approach to world-building and transmedia storytelling helps to create or further develop new and existing iconic characters and worlds, from visionary concept to successful multiplatform franchise brands. Our unique workflow combines the best of concept realization and design, creative direction, story design – scripting and creating story arcs, character and world design, pre-visualization and story boarding. We make sure to work with partners at the forefront of artistic and technical innovation, including the latest advancements in VR and real-time VFX, resulting in unforgettable characters, worlds and visual storytelling.

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