Flamewrite Entertainment is proud to introduce our new Action, Sci-Fi, Supernatural Film Franchise Project, titled, “SHADOW SYNDICATE “GODS OF GOD” אֱלֹהֵינוּ ה’ אֶחָדA unique creative vision, with a diverse slate of film projects, spanning across multiple genres and delivering a cohesive story with endless transmedia possibilities. Featuring original concepts and fresh characters, creatures and worlds, these films are guaranteed to excite audiences from around the world.

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An Interpol agent leads a team of Special Forces on a raid to post-Soviet era Moldova where they clash with an unidentified Asian group and recover a mysterious device known only as THE EXTERMINATUS. Intelligence chatter indicates this bomb is the Holy Grail of terrorism, a biological WMD carrying a retro-virus capable of something no disease in history is capable of…genetically discriminating between ethnic groups and wiping them out. Even worse, the bomb is ticking with no way to safely stop it. It will detonate in four days. Intelligence sources say the creators simply call themselves THE MAKERS. 

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