Is a full-service animation studio that develops exciting, genuine, diverse in-house and acquired stories, which explore new genres, worlds and characters that offer fresh perspectives and which aim to tell and cater to unrepresented global audiences. Whether created internally or through partnerships with award-winning talent, Flamewrite Entertainment makes sure that each project we produce is authentic, exhilarating and enriching, showcasing unique voices and experiences that will inspire and give our audience a true sense of inclusion.

GONGORA is an action packed animated series and franchise that can be compared to “James Cameron’s AVATAR” meets “BLACK PANTHER”. The Animated Series follows the Warrior Princess Shofara, heiress to the Kingdom of Gongora, on a beautiful planet, nestled in the Elysian galaxy. The native race is on the brink of a civil war, as two sides fight for supremacy, while another race, not familiar to their own, also looks to find their place in this new world. As tensions rise, the heiress of all the empire befriends the eldest son of one of the opposing leaders, and together they will try to reunite the tribes.

BLACK SALT Legend Of New Shaolin is a high-powered action animation series and franchise that can be described as 007 meets “Avatar the Last Air Bender”. Black Salt “The Legend of New Shaolin” is the story of the adventures of Samuel Tharp, America’s premier super-secret counter terrorist agent, and his three young sons who are learning the ancient secrets of the most powerful martial arts style which gives them superhuman like abilities.

TEAM SUPREME is set in a modern day high school and follows a group of teens, already wrestling with differences, who develop strange superpowers. Instead of waiting for adversity to knock on their door, our team links up to proactively make a difference in the world and fight against injustice in their town and their school, starting with a social media-savvy villain intent on erasing differences and making all of the students alike: think alike, dress alike, act alike. Each teen started the year with a goal: to make friends, to find love, to get straight A’s… can they accomplish that AND not let their new powers and sense of responsibility get in the way?

TOMMY & THE WITCH IN THE TREE is an animated short about a boy with a magical imagination who faces his greatest fear: The shadowy witch who lives in the tree outside his window and creeps in through it at night to haunt him.

TESLA in an eclectic and vibrant alternate 1890s New York, MAX MARBLES, a 14-year old, brainy, streetwise kid joins NIKOLA TESLA’s flying airship crew. Tesla, who just arrived on the shores of the U.S from his native Serbia, is a zany, quirky, and prolific futurist determined to create and bring his amazing inventions to life for the good of all humankind. Making up the rest of Tesla’s crew: E.M.M.A, the AI hologram/robot that functions as the airship’s computer and BUTTONS, the marshmallow-shaped red animal of ambiguous origins – maybe he is a panda or lemur? The hair ship adventures will take the mto all corner sofa the globe and many other worlds and time periods, in search of the parts and inspiration Tesla needs for his latest invention, while combating villains and obstacles at every turn.

Lilly’s Monsters a world of extraordinarily emotional monsters lives beneath the bed of the ever eager young girl, Lilly, and after discovering her talent of helping others through their own emotional moments, she becomes Monsteropia’s leading Emotion Expert, diving under her bed and into their world whenever the call goes out! With the help of her own personal monster friend, Big Ben, she finds and helps monsters in need by teaching them how to recognize emotions in themselves and others, spread kindness, prevent bullying, and value empathy – all to tame the wildly emotional monsters in their world.

SPARX “Sparx” is a half-hour animated television show about ethereal beings called Sparx. Throughout history, Sparx have masqueraded as ordinary people, appearing in places and times where hope is needed most. Their purpose is to guide and inspire, to plant seeds of genius in young children who will one day transform the world. What would American literature be without Mark Twain, or jazz without Louis Armstrong, or boxing without Muhammad Ali, or comedy without Lucille Ball? Each episode will focus on a young man or woman at a time of personal crisis, a child who, with just a little help from the Sparks, will one day be brilliant. Inspired by true events and the lives of these celebrated figures,“Sparx”tells stories of struggle, perseverance, and ultimately triumph, while being both entertaining and educational. 

Chao and the Black Dragon picture ominous drum-beating battles between armies, harrowing fights of warlords and their assassins against Master Su and twelve-year-old Chao while Ma Ni using her goshawk slip summons the goshawk creature to fly in and rescue the group moments before they are captured by the most powerful warlord Mr. Tomb. Chao and the Battle for the Black Dragon is an epic journey of fun-loving Chao and his friends who travel throughout Mangana fighting for survival as they search for the second black dragon slip in order to defeat the powerful Mr. Tomb and save the continent Mangana from the never- ending cycle of warlord oppression.

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